Fall Scenic Road Trip Ideas

Are you planning a road trip to explore the beauty of the American countryside during the fall season? Well, you wont be disappointed as the country has many stunning destinations to offer. From the mountains of Vermont to the California coast, there are many places you can visit in your car. So, take your family on a breathtaking tour of these selected destinations this fall season. 

Plan a Trip to Northwest Georgia

From Cohutta to Ellijay, the scenic byway passing through Chattahoochee...continue reading

October is Fall Car Care Month

October is Fall Car Care Month, reminding you to prepare your car for cold weather ahead. By doing some preventive car care, you can keep several common problems at bay. Here are some fall care tips you should follow.

Inspect the Belts and Hoses

The belts and hoses are essential for the efficient performance of different systems in your car. For example, you can find belts and hoses in the air-conditioning system and the engine. Check belts and hoses in your car and look for signs of excessive...continue reading

Here's What Makes the Honda Fit So Versatile

The Honda Fit is one car that has been true to its name since the beginning. The vehicle has been on the top of the list on Consumer Guides Best Buy list for several years. People who own a Honda Fit mention that its a versatile car that adapts to different travel situations. Here we find several reasons that make the Honda Fit so versatile. 


One thing that makes Honda Fit stand out in the crowd is the roomy cabin and the cargo space. The car has a seating...continue reading

Top 5 Fall Activities for the Family

We recommend going old school this fall with activities you can enjoy with your family. Simply steer clear of computers and electronic devices for a bit of old-school fall fun and family bonding. 

Whether your kids are toddlers, teenagers or adults who happen to be visiting you this holiday season, these fall activities are best suited for any family!

1. Go Old School with a Picnic in the Woods

Take the time for a picnic in the woods. It is a splendid way to have a delightful...continue reading

The Best Holiday Sales Events

Car dealerships hate when sales are slow, and dont want vehicles to collect dust in their parking lot. To get them through the year, dealerships will organize sales events during the holidays to drum up business. If youre looking for a new car, wait until a good sales event to save yourself some money. Here are some sales events worth waiting for.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day signals the start of summer for most people. By May 25th, dealerships are in a hurry to clear inventory before the...continue reading