Should You Buy or Lease?

Selecting a new car is always a tough proposition. When coupled with a choice between buying and leasing, it gets more confusing. Both these options for driving home a new vehicle are prevalent in current markets. They have their own set of benefits and drawbacks that you should assess to make the right choice. From a long-term perspective, buying is a better decision because you can enjoy the perks of ownership for an extended period. On the other hand, leasing is a great choice for...continue reading

5 Fuel-Efficient Cars That Will Impress You

When looking for an amazing car on a tight budget, the first thing you want to do is minimize the cost of purchasing and maximize the fuel economy. Fortunately, there are many vehicles that fit the bill. Searching for a used car that will fit your budget in the short-term and reduce monthly gas bills over time can be overwhelming due to thousands of vehicles available on the market. It requires some planning and forethought. Here, we have minimized both by compiling...continue reading

Are Self-Driving Cars the Future?

The technology of self-driving cars was considered a far cry a few decades ago. Thanks to the innovation and technological advancements made by the automobile industry, this concept is shaping up in reality. Technology experts and leading car manufacturers are gearing up to leverage this opportunity to make their vehicles self-sufficient and intelligent. The collaborations with Silicon Valley have shown the glimpses of a bright future where self-driving cars will dominate...continue reading

A New or a Used Car...Which One to Choose?

Are you looking to buy a car? The first thing that may have crossed your mind is the cost of ownership of the vehicle. It is largely determined by your selection between a new and a used car. Both these options are viable and lucrative for their own reasons. A new car is definitely tempting because of its high-end features and stunning appearance. On the other hand, a pre-owned vehicle is considered to be a practical choice due to the cost savings that it allows....continue reading

What Isnt Covered in the Manufacturers Warranty?

A good warranty is what can protect you from unexpected costs after you buy the car. The Honda Warranty coverage includes a range of warranties that cover repairs and replacements to specific components if any damage arises within the stipulated time.

Here is an exhaustive list of the different types of losses and damages that are not covered in a Honda Warranty. For more details, you can read the warranty booklet.

1. Owners Manual...continue reading

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