July Activities In Conyers, GA

With Coronavirus throwing a significant wrench into the summer plans of many, the need for safe summer activities has never been more prevalent than it is right now. With this in mind, we decided to drum up a short list of fun activities for you and your quarantine team to do to help relieve a little stress this July in Conyers, GA.

Explore the World (Virtually)

Courtesy of Google Arts and Culture, many of the worlds most popular and prestigious museums are opening their virtual doors...continue reading

2020 Honda CR-V


The CR-V is one of Hondas top-selling cars, and with good reason. It is well-designed, practical and refined. It comes equipped with the modern comfort and technology features that one would expect in a new SUV. Below is a brief breakdown of the CR-V and its many attributes.




There have not been any significant changes in the 2020 model compared to the 2019 in regards to the exterior. The front bumper and rear bumper have slightly been changed, but other than that, the overall outside...continue reading

2020 Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is one of the most popular family sedans in the world. It is a perfect combination of style, space, practicality and price. Lets discuss what people can expect in the new 2020 Honda Accord lineup. 


In the 2020 lineup, the company has decided to ditch its bulging shapes and opted a brawny sporty look. A chrome eyebrow is elegantly positioned above the LED headlights and covers the entire hood. Sport trims are displayed in black, which balances the whole appearance. ...continue reading

Coronavirus and Cars


We would have never thought that staying at home could be such a challenging task, and that's exactly what Coronavirus has made us do. Coronavirus has spread its tentacles all around the globe and affected millions of lives in different ways. As a result, almost every country is following mass lockdown protocols and social distancing to reduce the spread of Coronavirus. 


Everyone has been suffering from the crisis, whether it is fighting the disease from hospitals or homes. When it...continue reading

At-Home Test Drive


With the number of Coronavirus cases around the world continuously increasing, it has become clear that following the guidelines provided by the government is the most effective way to stop the spread of the disease. 


How Coronavirus is Affecting Customers

It is clear that people are not able to access the services they are accustomed to that help them make massive purchasing decisions, like buying a car. With many people unable to make a trip to a dealership to purchase a car, dealerships...continue reading