When and How to Rotate Tires

Taking care of your vehicle is not only limited to keeping the car looking good and fixing up all the part-based anomalies along with regular servicing. The vehicles tires do a lot of work and thats why they need some attention too. In order to ensure that your tires last longer and work better, all you need to do is rotate your tires every once in a while.

Tire rotation is a process that takes just around 20 minutes. The reason why this process is crucial is because it ensures that...continue reading

What Type of Coolant to Use for Your Car?

Radiator coolant is an important fluid in your car. You need to maintain the recommended coolant level in the radiator to keep the engine cool. Besides maintaining the recommended level of coolant in the radiator, you also need to use the right coolant type. If you use the wrong coolant type, the engine can overheat and it may lead to other engine problems. Here is some information on how to determine the right coolant to use for your car.

Different Types of Coolant

Coolant type...continue reading

The Benefits of an Extended Warranty

A lot has to be considered when looking to buy a vehicle. Apart from its model and features, you should also check the availability of an extended warranty. This coverage is additional to the usual factory warranty that comes with every car. But, many customers do not realize its importance and make uninformed decisions. You must never avoid this facility as it provides extensive coverage on your cars repairs after the expiry of the original warranty. It is necessary to buy...continue reading

What's in Store for the 2019 Honda HR-V?

The Honda HR-V is entering its third model year with aplomb. The all-new 2019 version of this vehicle is ready to hit the market soaring with huge expectations. As a compact crossover SUV, it falls in the most-loved category of vehicles in the country. Now, with better and improved features, it is surely winning hearts and rightly so. The original lineup comprising of the EX, LX and EX-L Navi have two more editions called the Sport and Touring. All these trim levels...continue reading

Should I Sell My Car to a Dealership?

There are a number of ways and means to dispose of your car. One of the most common ways is to simply trade it in for a new car at a dealership. This is the fastest and the most economically way to sell your old car. However, if you are a car enthusiast, work in the auto industry or simply have a lot of time to spare, you could always sell your car to an individual buyer instead of to a dealer.

Here are some reasons why you should try selling your car to a dealer:...continue reading

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