5 Dangerous Driving Habits to Break

5 Dangerous Driving Habits to Break

Driving is a task that really requires your mind and soul. The moment your attention is distracted, anything can happen to you on the road. There are few natural habits that we repeat in our daily life, and even while driving our vehicles, but these habits can be potentially problematic. The moment you look away or break some rules, it can potentially cost you your life. This is why there are a few common practices you must avoid in order to have safer car journeys for you and your loved ones.


Never take the risk of staying bumper-to-bumper or trying to pass another vehicle no matter how much of a hurry you are in. Maintain safe distances from the vehicles that are around you and abide by all possible traffic rules by showing your indicator signals when you want to change lanes. Try and stay away from bulky vehicles and avoid passing vehicles too much since this can increase your chances of a possible casualty.

Not Wearing a Seat Belt

Make it a point to buckle-up whenever you step into your car. No matter where or how close by you need to go, always wear a belt so that you don’t get thrown from your seat if any unfortunate incident occurs. Most accidents end up causing a lot of damage to passengers just because they didn’t use their seat belts. Your seat belt is essentially your safety net.

Driving When Tired

Driving a car demands all the attention you can give. A moment away from looking at the road can really cause a lot of problems. Keeping this in mind, it is always wise to avoid driving when you’re sleepy, tired or have been driving for a long period of time. If your journey is quite demanding, choose to check yourself into a hotel so that you can get some sleep before you resume your journey.


It is always a good idea to stay well within the stipulated speed limit that is given on the road. If your vehicle is speeding too much, it becomes difficult for you to control it in case any obstruction comes in your way. When it comes to harsh weather like excessive rain or snow, the time you take to stop is even more and there are times when your brakes won’t work as effectively. That’s why it’s advisable to limit your speed, especially in such conditions.

Using Your Cell Phone

Your mobile phone always tends to be the biggest distraction throughout the day, and more so while driving. If your eyes move away from the road and onto your mobile screen, it can cause you to deflect from the road or collide into something. This is why it is important to steer clear from reaching out for your phone while driving. If there are important calls you need to attend to, turn to your hands-free wireless connection in the car.

These are a few habits you must ditch in order to optimize your safety while driving a vehicle.