5 Essential Car Accessories

5 Essential Car Accessories

Modern cars are well-equipped with comfort and safety features. However, there are some car accessories that could prove useful in road trips. Here is the list of five essential car accessories that you should have in your car.

1. Car Vacuum Cleaner

We all like to travel in a clean car. During road trips and daily drive, it’s common for your car to get dirty. A car vacuum cleaner can help you clean your car thoroughly and make your car’s cabin clean and fresh. The car vacuum cleaner is powered by a 12V motor which means it can run on car’s battery. The car vacuum cleaner has an integrated crevice that can reach nooks and corners of the car’s cabin and pull out the dirt. Also, the vacuum cleaner comes with several attachments to clean car seats, too. Besides, the car vacuum cleaner does not take up much space and can be folded up after use.

2. Car Cooler/Warmer

A car cooler/warmer is a useful device that can keep your drinks and refreshments chilled as long as you need it. The device can be turned into a warmer with the flip of a switch to keep your food warm during a winter road trip. With a car cooler/warmer in your car, you don’t have to carry bags of ice to keep your drinks cold (which can become a soggy mess). The mini car cooler/warmer has enough storage space for six drink cans and it is compact enough to fit on the top of the armrest of the back seats. The car cooler/warmer can be plugged into your vehicle’s lighter outlet

3. Car Kettle Boiler

If you are a coffee or tea enthusiast, a car kettle boiler is a must have accessory for you. During road trips, it can be difficult to brew a cup of your favorite hot beverage without a car kettle boiler. It can be plugged into your vehicle’s lighter outlet and you can boil water for brewing from the comfort of the driver seat. The car kettle boiler is designed to fit inside vehicle cup holders. It also features a safety lid to prevent spills. The car kettle boiler can be used every time you desire a hot cup of coffee, tea or a steaming bowl of soup when on the road.

4. Inflatable Car Bed

The inflatable car bed can make your journeys less tiring. There is nothing like sleeping on a bed after a long tiring journey. However, when you are traveling. such comforts are not easily available, especially if you are on a budget. Things are different when you have an inflatable car bed. It turns your back seat into a comfortable bed when you want. The inflatable car bed comes with an electric air pump that can plug into a vehicle’s lighter outlet to inflate the bed. You also get two inflatable pillows, a repair kit and an inflator/deflator.

5. Rooftop Cargo Box

When you are going on a road trip, you might want to take many things with you, depending on where you’re going and for how long. However, limited cargo space can restrict you from doing so. A rooftop cargo box offers you cargo space equivalent to a car’s trunk. With a rooftop cargo box installed, you can stash more items for a road trip without causing discomfort to passengers.

The car accessories mentioned above prove useful to make your journey comfortable and enhance the joy of a road trip.