At-Home Test Drive

At-Home Test Drive


With the number of Coronavirus cases around the world continuously increasing, it has become clear that following the guidelines provided by the government is the most effective way to stop the spread of the disease. 


How Coronavirus is Affecting Customers

It is clear that people are not able to access the services they are accustomed to that help them make massive purchasing decisions, like buying a car. With many people unable to make a trip to a dealership to purchase a car, dealerships need to get creative to provide customers with safer options. 


At-Home Test Drive At Honda Conyers

Honda Conyers has developed an elegant solution to this problem by offering their customers the option to schedule an at-home test drive. In order to schedule an at-home test drive, buyers simply need to follow the steps laid out below. 


Find Your Car

The first step is to find the car you want to test drive in Honda Conyers’ online inventory.


Schedule An Appointment

Once you have selected a car, you need to schedule an appointment for your at-home test drive. To accomplish this, simply fill in all of the necessary details in the request including your desired time, date, and location for the test drive. 


Wait for the Confirmation Call

After scheduling your appointment, the dealership staff will call you to confirm all the details you have entered. 


Take Your At-Home Test Drive

After the dealership confirms your request, they will deliver the car for a test drive on the decided date, time, and location. 


The Bottom Line

Honda Conyers has made test drives available at home for its customers to keep the community safe. Honda Conyers believes this service is essential for the safety and well-being of its customers and employees during this time.