Here's What Makes the Honda Fit So Versatile

Here's What Makes the Honda Fit So Versatile

The Honda Fit is one car that has been true to its name since the beginning. The vehicle has been on the top of the list on Consumer Guide’s Best Buy list for several years. People who own a Honda Fit mention that it’s a versatile car that adapts to different travel situations. Here we find several reasons that make the Honda Fit so versatile. 


One thing that makes Honda Fit stand out in the crowd is the roomy cabin and the cargo space. The car has a seating capacity of five and offers legroom of 41.4/39.3 inches (front/rear). You also get adequate headroom and hip room for every passenger, ensuring everyone inside the car is comfortable. 

Sometimes, you need to haul cargo of different shapes and sizes. The Honda Fit is up for such challenging situations. In the normal seating mode, the cargo space stands at 16.6 cubic feet. However, if the need arises, you can change the seat configuration and extend the cargo space to 52.7 cubic feet that are quite amazing.

Honda Magic Seat Configuration

The rear seats in the Honda Fit — also known as the Magic Seat — can be configured in different ways to increase cargo space:

  • Utility Mode

The Utility mode (seat configuration) offers the largest cargo space up to 52.7 cubic feet. In utility mode, the rear seats are flat folded which creates uninterrupted large cargo space big enough to fit a bicycle inside.

  • Long Mode

If you want to haul lengthy items like a surfboard, the Honda Fit can do it as well. In Long mode, the front passenger is flat folded in a forward direction, and you get an uninterrupted space from the dashboard to tailgate to extremely long items. 

  • Tall Mode

Carrying paintings and potted plants is easy in Honda Fit. You can just fold the rear bottom in the upward direction and lock them in a place. The Tall mode seat configuration provides you four feet of space from top to bottom to accommodate taller items. 

  • Refresh Mode

If you want to stretch your legs, the Refresh seating mode is right for you. In Refresh mode, you can remove the head restraints on the front seats and fold the front seats backward to create an uninterrupted cushioned space for relaxing.

Safety and Driver Assist Features 

The Honda Fit comes with six airbags as standard. The hatchback also comes equipped with several driver-assist technologies that work to prevent common driver errors. Some of the driver-assist technologies worth mentioning are road departure mitigation system, hill-start assist, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist system and collision mitigation braking system. All these technologies work to make your everyday commute safer 

Comfort and Entertainment Features 

For entertainment, you get a five-inch color LCD screen and a 160-watt audio system with four speakers. The Honda Fit also comes with Bluetooth HandsFreeLink Wireless Telephone Interface that allows you to connect your phone with your car’s communication system wirelessly. With Bluetooth streaming technology, you can connect your Bluetooth-enabled media devices to the car’s audio system and listen to music.

The Honda Fit is equipped with everything you need to make the everyday commute safer and comfortable. No other car in its category offers you so much passenger and cargo space, thereby allowing you to haul anything wherever you want.