The Benefits of an Extended Warranty

The Benefits of an Extended Warranty

A lot has to be considered when looking to buy a vehicle. Apart from its model and features, you should also check the availability of an extended warranty. This coverage is additional to the usual factory warranty that comes with every car. But, many customers do not realize its importance and make uninformed decisions. You must never avoid this facility as it provides extensive coverage on your car’s repairs after the expiry of the original warranty. It is necessary to buy this warranty from a certified dealership to avail of its benefits.

Extensive Warranty Coverage

You get assured extended protection for your car by purchasing an extended warranty. Whenever you buy a car, the manufacturer provides a limited warranty that covers allowable repairs and maintenance for a specific period of time or number of miles traveled. It can differ from one company to another. When your car requires any repairs after the expiry of this warranty, you can stay protected if you have extended coverage. After the original warranty runs out, this extended coverage will help to keep your car in the best condition for a longer time.

Peace of Mind

For complete peace of mind, you should choose to buy an extended warranty at the time of purchasing your vehicle. This warranty is available at all certified dealerships in your area. Any unexpected repairs needed by your car are covered by this warranty. It prevents any further damages that can reduce the lifespan of your vehicle. The total amount of this warranty includes expenses like hotel stay, towing charges and cost of a rental vehicle. Issues like transmission or engine failure will be handled by the dealership within the minimum time possible.

Assured Customer Service

A vehicle purchase entails complete customer support system from the dealership. If you opt for a third-party extended coverage, check if they provide dependable customer services. If an emergency breakdown takes place, this service proves effective. It helps you to understand and assess the real conditions for immediate solutions. Even if you don’t have any technical knowledge, the staff of the warranty provider will help you at every step when you visit a local mechanic shop. You can follow their instructions and give the right information to the mechanic repairing your vehicle.

Higher Resale Value

Many buyers do not know about the impact of an extended warranty on the resale price of their vehicle. If you buy this warranty, you will get a higher price whenever you decide to sell your car. An extended warranty tells the new buyer that the car has been maintained properly with timely repairs by a certified dealership. This assurance helps in getting a higher price on the vehicle.

Cost Savings

When it comes to saving more on your car ownership, an extended warranty proves its worth. You can save on potential repairs with this coverage. Sometimes a serious failure of engine or any other component can cost thousands of dollars for you. But, if you have extended warranty coverage, you don’t have to pay a single penny out of your pocket apart from a small monthly premium paid by you.

These are the benefits of choosing extended warranty coverage for your vehicle.