The Best Holiday Sales Events

The Best Holiday Sales Events

Car dealerships hate when sales are slow, and don’t want vehicles to collect dust in their parking lot. To get them through the year, dealerships will organize sales events during the holidays to drum up business. If you’re looking for a new car, wait until a good sales event to save yourself some money. Here are some sales events worth waiting for.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day signals the start of summer for most people. By May 25th, dealerships are in a hurry to clear inventory before the new models start to roll in. You can expect dealerships to offer big cash discounts, 0% financing, and other incentives to lure customers. 

Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the world’s most popular shopping days, and marks the beginning of the winter holiday shopping season. Retails chains, e-commerce sites, and small retailers announce heavy discounts to lure customers in. Car dealerships also take advantage of this shopping frenzy by announcing their Black Friday sales events. Reduced car prices, 0% financing, lower interest rates, free add-ons, and rebates on loan processing fees are some of the great deals to look out for.

Labor Day

The first Monday of September is Labor Day, and there are three huge reasons for car dealerships to offer sales on this federal holiday. Customers are already out and about on the holiday, so they are more likely to come shop. If a dealership with low sales has too much inventory, they will want to offer a deal to make space for new models. It is also a good opportunity for car dealerships to meet their monthly sales target. You can usually find great deals for your favorite vehicles on Labor Day. 

Presidents Day

Presidents Day is a great opportunity to buy a new car at a reduced price. During the winter, there isn’t as much demand and salespeople have trouble reaching their monthly goals. To get cars out of the lot, car dealerships offer huge discounts near Presidents Day. Some salespeople offer cars at a minor loss, since their bonuses for hitting sales targets are larger than any loss they would suffer.  


Christmas and other winter holidays can last for more than a week, letting shoppers loose for days. Some people go out shopping with their families, and some go shopping for last minute gifts. Not many people buy cars on Christmas, but dealerships still need to meet their goals. Christmas is one of the best times of year to haggle down the price of your dream car, and pick up some other discounts and incentives on the way.

If you want to save money on your new car, wait and plan to buy it during one of these sales events.