Which Summer Tires are the Best?

Which Summer Tires are the Best?

Tires have an important part to play in the performance of your car. After all, it’s your only point of contact to the road and the tires are one of the few components in your car that can affect your ride experience and quality. If you are looking for performance tires, summer tires are the best. But, which ones should you choose? Here we have provided information about the best summer tires that offer good value for the money.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

The Michelin Pilot Sport is a max-performance summer tire with longer life. The tire has a hybrid belt of nylon and aramid that helps in optimum transmission of steering instruction and leads to dynamic response. The innovative tread pattern design continuously adapts to road conditions for better grip and braking response. The Michelin Pilot Sport tire is manufactured using a mix of new compounds that include functional elastomers and Silica that provide excellent grip and braking performance. The tread pattern on the Michelin Pilot Sport is asymmetric where the outer portion of the tire is designed for strong grip on dry surfaces while the inner tread pattern is designed to flush out water quickly from the mid-rib for better grip on wet surfaces. The Michelin Pilot Sport has the best longevity record that extend beyond 50,000 km.

Yokohama Y356

The Yokohama Y356 is an ideal summer tire for light trucks that need a combination of heavy-duty load capacity and better traction on wet and dry surfaces. The size D tire is capable of carrying loads up to 1,850 lbs. at 65 psi while the tread depth is 11/32. It is a durable tire that offers a stable and safe ride in wet and dry road conditions. The Y356 has a nylon-reinforced steel belt construction that leads to stability and longer life. The three-groove tread block pattern helps in eliminating unwanted road noise and you are more likely to enjoy a comfortable and quiet ride when your vehicle is riding on Yokohama Y356 summer tires.

GT Radial Champiro UHP1

This tire is an ultra-high performance summer tire that is highly suitable for passenger cars. The UHP1 summer tire offers great dry road grip. The tread wear rating of UHP1 is around 280 which is average in comparison to leading summer tire brands. The traction rating of UHP1 stands at AA which is the highest rating for tires. The temperature rating of UHP1 is A which is also the highest rating a tire can achieve.

Dunlop Direzza DZ102

The Direzza DZ102 is a sleek and stylish summer tire that offers head-turning performance and impressive handling. The tire is made of silicarbon matrix compound that is a special mix of silica and carbon black. The wear trimming and 5-Pitch technology help the Direzza DZ102 achieve noise reduction and prevent irregular tread wear. The unidirectional tread design in Direzza DZ102 gives the tire better water evacuation capabilities that translate into the superior wet grip. The Max Flange Shield protects the rim for accidental snub damage. If you are looking for superior road performance and sleek looks, Direzza DZ102 is the perfect candidate.