When Is the Best Time of Year to Buy A Car?

When Is the Best Time of Year to Buy A Car? 

Buying a car is all about two critical factors: the choice of car and when you decide to buy it!

If you have the luxury of being able to choose when to buy your new car, you have a lot of options. If not, you’ll have to buck up your negotiation skills to work out a reasonably good deal. However, the fact is, shopping for your car at certain times of the year can save you thousands of dollars on the vehicle of your choice.

So, here are a few pointers on when to shop for your new car:

Look At Car Sales from the Salesman’s Point of View:

Car companies are all about making money. So, each year they set out new sales goals for each region and each dealership will be offered sales and incentives on a yearly, quarterly, and monthly basis.

  • End of the Year:

So, if you want to get the best deals, walk into a couple of dealerships at the end of the year, which is probably the best time to get a good deal. Dec. 26-31 are not only year-end days, but also happen to be just after the Christmas rush, so,you’re likely to see increased energy pumped into selling cars since the final sales figures will link to every car salesman’s annual incentive.

  • End of the Quarter:

Every quarter-end will also have salespeople eager to make good deals on cars, to meet or exceed their sales targets. So, the last few days in March (Q1), June (Q2), September (Q3) and of course December (Q4) are times when you can negotiate good deals with salespeople.

  • Time of the Week:

Weekends are often the time when most folks decide on visiting dealerships, while the beginning of the week tends to be the slowest day of the week. While you may not get specific discounts or offers on Monday, you will have your salesperson’s complete attention during your visit. It means that you will probably have a better chance to negotiate a better deal in comparison to if you had visited the dealership on the weekend.  

Shop for Specific Car Models:

Another useful trick to get a whopping discount is to wait till a new model of your choice of car is released. At this time, most folks will ask for the new model alone. But you can take advantage of this initial period by asking for the preceding model. The dealership will be anxious to empty their lot of older models and so will be more willing to do so by offering a great deal to customers ready to buy the old model.

Shop on Holidays:

Most holidays bring with them some offer or discount on cars. These are not mere gimmicks. Instead, they do offer some significant savings which you can take full advantage. Holidays such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, Black Friday, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, etc., are all times when you can get exceptional savings.

Take advantage of these times, and you’re bound to get huge savings on a brand new car!