Which Vehicles are Best for Car Seats?

Which Vehicles are Best for Car Seats?

Finding a perfect car for child safety seats can be a difficult task. To help you, we have compiled a list of vehicles that are best for car seats.

2019 Honda Odyssey

The 2019 Honda Odyssey is a minivan with many family-friendly features. Known as the car seat king, this minivan offers ample room to install infant seats, front- and rear-facing convertible seats, and booster seats in both the second and third rows. The second row can accommodate three car seats while the third row has enough space to install two. The lower LATCH anchors are exposed and easy to use. The tether anchors are also conveniently placed on the second-row seatbacks. Even with convertible seats installed, there is enough legroom for the drivers and the front passenger. Also, you don’t need to push the seats forward while installing car seats.

2017 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

The Mercedes-Benz GL-Class is an SUV offering premium luxury features. However, that does not make it any less of a family-friendly car. The SUV has ample space to fit two car seats in its second and third rows. One of the good things about the GL-Class is that the tether anchors are located two-thirds of the way down the second-row seatback, making car-seat installation easier. The tether anchors for the third row are located directly behind the seats on the cargo floor. However, it’s worth noting that the LATCH connectors and seat cushions are rigid and some may find installing the convertible seats a bit difficult.

2018 Nissan Pathfinder

The Nissan Pathfinder is a full-fledged truck-based SUV that also has car-seat friendly characteristics. The Pathfinder can easily accommodate two car seats comfortably in the second and third rows. Only the second row has LATCH anchors and two tether anchors while the third row only has one top tether anchor. The tether anchors are positioned behind the seatback and easy to use. Booster seats fit perfectly behind the driver seat while convertible seats fit great behind the front passenger seat. Even with car seats installed, the driver and the front passenger have enough leg room.

2018 Toyota Camry

The 2018 Toyota Camry is a midsize sedan with ample room to install two car seats in the back. The LATCH anchors and tether anchors are easy to locate and use, and the legroom of the front passenger and the driver are not affected after installing car seats. Booster seats fit easily behind the driver while convertible car seats and infant seats fit well behind the front passenger. In fact, the Camry has enough room to fit three infant seats in the back. In addition, a child seating in the booster seat can easily reach their seat belt buckle. After installing the car seats, you will not face any seat contouring or head restraint issues.

There is no doubt that car seats make the journey comfortable and safer for children, and this list of vehicles will help you find a car-seat friendly ride that ensures optimal safety for your children.