Are Self-Driving Cars the Future?

Are Self-Driving Cars the Future?

The technology of self-driving cars was considered a far cry a few decades ago. Thanks to the innovation and technological advancements made by the automobile industry, this concept is shaping up in reality. Technology experts and leading car manufacturers are gearing up to leverage this opportunity to make their vehicles self-sufficient and intelligent. The collaborations with Silicon Valley have shown the glimpses of a bright future where self-driving cars will dominate the roads. Using the technology of machine learning, internet of things and artificial intelligence, the vehicles of the future will do much more than parking on their own.

The Levels of Development

Futuristic technologies have been introduced in the automobile industry to reinvent driving experiences with enhanced safety. The automated features are integral to modern vehicles. But, they have been developed in different levels into the automobiles to make them superior and tech-driven. You can understand them in the context of five main levels.

The first level saw the innovation in the form of driver-assisted automated technology. It used intelligent features to support the driver and send alerts about the adjacent road conditions.

The second level used partial automation in which the smart features of the car were controlled by the driver.

In the third level, automated technology was largely revamped to include conditional automation. These cars were designed to work as co-pilot for intelligent handling and control of challenging applications under the mapped environments. It relied on human intervention for safer driving.

The fourth level was the era of high automation during which the vehicles were designed with capabilities to perform high-tech functions under controlled conditions. The cars in this stage are built with a functional cockpit that can work on its own without any human intervention.

The fifth level is the future of the automobile industry. In this stage, fully autonomous cars are expected to hit the roads with unsurpassed safety and impeccable efficiency. In the field of this technology, Google has made giant strides by integrating self-driving capabilities into the latest cars built by different manufacturers. These vehicles have been tested on roads in Nevada and Florida without any accident or issues.

The Way Self-Driving Cars Work

As a matter of fact, these cars use advanced computerized systems assisted with sensors and GPS devices. There is a laser installed on the top of the car to monitor the road conditions. It generates and sends 3D maps of the surrounding environment. Experts use this data to help the car in following traffic rules and preventing obstacles on the road. They are making efforts to develop this technology further and make it safe for tough applications under conditions faced by drivers.

The Conclusion

It can be safely concluded that self-driving cars are indeed the future of automobile industry. They can surpass contemporary cars having accident prevention and self-parking capabilities. With advanced features and driverless functionalities, these cars will not only minimize the probabilities of human errors but also enrich the riding experiences in an intelligent computer-controlled vehicle.