5 Amazing Car Technologies That Will Reach the Production Stage

5 Amazing Car Technologies That Will Reach the Production Stage

In the ever-evolving landscape of the automobile industry, technology plays a major role in redefining the safety of vehicles and passengers. This industry has undergone severe transformations in the past few years with a focus on new markets and emerging competition to improve existing technologies. As a result, existing features of cars are revamped to make these machines more self-sufficient and smart in the future. Semi-autonomous vehicles that took the center stage a few years back are now getting replaced by fully autonomous technologies like self-driving cars. In this context, here you’ll find the best five car technologies that are destined to become a reality in the future.

1. Self-Driving Cars

With a focus on developing futuristic vehicles equipped with fully autonomous operations, car makers are working diligently to integrate this technology into their production. A lot of research and development has been made by the leading automobile manufacturers and companies like Google to develop this technology. In fact, a few models of driverless cars have been tested by Google for their efficiency. But, there is still a long road ahead. Many companies are joining the bandwagon to make this technology part of the future of this industry. Driverless cars work with technologies like sensors, GPS, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

2. Dashboards with AR Capabilities

In the past, GPS technology has contributed to safer driving in modern cars. Companies are looking to take this technology further with integration of Augmented Reality in the dashboard. Cars are developed with interactive windshields and touchscreen windows to identify and display the information related to external objects on these screens. This technology is expected to improve the safety mechanisms of cars by using GPS systems that can guide the vehicle to the right lanes when needed.

3. Self-Communicating Cars

This technology is also known as the vehicle-to-vehicle communication system for futuristic cars. Cars integrated with these systems can communicate with other automobiles and objects in their surroundings. They can share routing information and details of traffic using this communication. Also, cars can generate comprehensive traffic reports used for information sharing about data like location and speed on a real-time basis. It works on wireless technology that helps in implementing evasive measures to avoid impending crashes on the road.

4. Advancement of Airbags

With the changing technological trends of the automobile industry, airbags have become an integral part of cars. Manufacturers are making them more efficient by using airbags as an active safety system for modern cars. From curtains, seatbelts and knee airbags to those deployed beneath the cars, this technology has come a long way and is expected to improve further in the future.

5. Efficient Body Panels

In the industry fixated on hybrid technology, energy-efficient body panels can become the true game changer. These panels are lightweight, strong and flexible when compared to hybrid batteries that are heavy and take a lot of real estate inside a car’s engine. They can replace the conventional batteries and reduce the overall weight of future cars.

These five technologies will redefine the future of automobile industry.