What Isn’t Covered in the Manufacturer’s Warranty?

What Isn’t Covered in the Manufacturer’s Warranty?

A good warranty is what can protect you from unexpected costs after you buy the car. The Honda Warranty coverage includes a range of warranties that cover repairs and replacements to specific components if any damage arises within the stipulated time.

Here is an exhaustive list of the different types of losses and damages that are not covered in a Honda Warranty. For more details, you can read the warranty booklet.

1. Owner’s Manual digressions: The manufacturer specifies guidelines for usage of the car in the Owner’s Manual. Any damage that takes place due to failure to operate the car in accordance with the guidelines is not covered.

2. Motor racing: If your car or any of its components are damaged while racing or competitive driving, then it is not covered. This is because competitive driving is not the intended use of the car.

3. Misuse: Your car is designed to be used for regular travel. But if you use it for traveling in rough terrain or for towing, it would amount to misuse and it won’t be covered.

4. Faulty modification: Any damage, corrosion or failure occurring due improper installation, faulty maintenance process, alteration, modification, use of low-level fluids or installation of non-Honda approved, incompatible components.

5. Fictitious loss: It doesn’t cover any incidental or consequential loss occurring from loss of use of the vehicle, inconvenience or commercial loss.

6. Odometer problems: The warranties are linked to the time of purchase and actual mileage. In case the odometer is found to be tampered or altered, the car is disqualified from warranties.

7. Salvage title: Any vehicle that has ever been declared a total loss or sold for salvage by a financial institution or insurer, or that has been issued “salvage” or similar title under any state’s law is not covered.

8. Uncovered components: The powertrain warranty covers the engine, transmission and transaxle, front- and rear-wheel drive systems. There are other warranties which cover some other parts like the seatbelt and tires. If any uncovered component develops a fault, it is not covered.

9. Unforeseen circumstances: In case there is a theft, vandalism, fire, flood, accident or towing involving the car, then any damage arising out of it is not covered.

10. Damaged glass: Glass breakage is covered only when it is due to defects in material or workmanship. In other cases, it is not covered.

11. Seat belt appearance: If the seat belt is not functioning properly, it would be repaired or replaced. But cosmetic damages like discoloration, scratches, etc., are not covered. Damages to the seat belt due to an accident or misuse are also not covered.

12. Regular use: From the time you take the first ride, your car is prone to damage. Normal wear and tear like dings, dents, chips, scratches and polishing is not covered.

13. Damage during cleaning and maintenance: If any damage arises during manual or automatic car wash, or the use of a pressure washer, it is not covered.