Car Tips and Tricks

Car Tips and Tricks

It is every car owner’s dream to explore new places and have new adventures in his or her automobile. These tips and tricks can serve as a complete guide so that you may keep your ride in top condition whether your need is purely to commute to work or explore the world!

The Tricks to Get the Best Visibility in Every Kind of Weather

  • Fiddle with your rearview mirror and side mirrors until their field of vision slightly overlaps. By doing this, you make sure that there is a complete rear view without any blind spots.

  • A clear windshield affords the best visibility. In order to achieve this, clean the windshield with a soft cloth or a clean sock. You may use a mild detergent or a half and half solution of vinegar and water for that extra sparkle.

  • When you drive in winter, fog tends to increase the risk of accidents. Defog your windshield by turning on the air-conditioning with a heated temperature.

  • You should consider using a product which repels water and prevents condensed water from fogging your windshield.

  • Frost may develop on your windshield and your door handles may be frozen shut. In such cases, you can use a little hand sanitizer to wipe the windscreen or the door handle. The alcohol content in it helps defrost the glass and the door handle. This is a quick fix. However, you may reach out to your auto mechanic for a more permanent solution.

A Trick to Swiftly Locate Your Car in a Crowded Parking Lot

Looking for your car in a crowded parking lot is a lot like looking for a needle in a haystack at times. An intriguing fact is that your body fluids extend the field of your electronic key’s signal. So simply place your key under your chin and press the buttons while you look out for the flashing lights of your vehicle. This could help you locate your ride quite easily!

Tips to Position Yourself for Maximum Driving Comfort and Safety

  • Position the seat so that the driver’s feet comfortably reach the accelerator and brake. This position should also allow their hands to rest on the steering wheel with ease.

  • Cars are made of innumerable parts and varied materials like metal, rubber and PVC.  Upon use, these components are subject to varying degrees of wear and tear. The vehicle is also exposed to different weather conditions that could further deteriorate its parts. If these parts are not repaired or replaced in time, it can gradually impact the working of your machine. This can even be a cause for worry with safety concerns and an impending breakdown.

  • Preventive maintenance prolongs the life of your automobile. After all, well-maintained automobiles give you the best travel experience and limit the pollution to the environment. So, you must never postpone a service appointment!

Whether you are driving on a highway full of heavy traffic or even in the city during rush hour and heavy traffic, make sure you stay focused on the road at all times to drive smoothly and safely!