5 Classic Car Designs That Never Go Out Of Style

5 Classic Car Designs That Never Go Out Of Style

Avid car buyers can instantly recognize some vehicles by their sleek design that never seems to go out of style. These classic cars can blow their contemporaries out of the water even after all these years. Their power and performance keeps them in style today as timeless vehicles. Most of these cars have remained in production since their launch and still catch the attention of modern car owners. Here are some of our favorite iconic cars.

1. Honda Civic:

If you are looking for an instant classic that will keep its value as long as it runs, the Honda Civic fits the bill. Since the Civic entered the market in 2001, it stunned consumers and changed the game completely. It was launched as a sports model in America. New Civics are built with advanced features like stiff sway bars, 6-speed manual transmissions, and a 2.0L engine. The features have changed, but the aesthetic appeal of this car has kept its charm.

2. Citroen DS:

When this car was launched, it became a trendsetter for the industry. Car connoisseurs insisted that it was ahead of its time. Even after all these years, none of its successors or competitors have been able replicate a design as iconic as this one. This French style is just as unique as the fantastic features found inside. During its 20 year production run, the Citroen DS was a pioneer for features like hydraulic setups, power steering, semi-automatic transmission, and suspension. This is a practical and a revolutionary car with a retro space-age finish.

3. Honda S2000:

When this automobile debuted at the Tokyo Motor show in 1996 as a concept car, it was applauded for its superior design and futuristic features. The S2000 stayed in production for over a decade, and became known for its engine displacement volume taken right out of a 1960s roadster. With a rear wheel drive system and a 4-cylinder engine, it packs a punch under its hood and offers a remarkable driving experience anyone on board.

4. Toyota Supra:

Also known as the Celica, the Supra was introduced in 1978 and remained in production for nearly 25 years. The design was updated every year to keep it fresh and compete in the contemporary market. In 1994, the Supra Mark IV was launched with an impressive new design. The Mark IV’s revamp included a powerful torque and a rounded body style.

5. Lamborghini Gallardo:

The Gallardo from Lamborghini has a respected iconic style characterized by its mechanical excellence and magnificent exterior lines. This car revolutionized the industry standards for nearly ten years. It entered the market as the first Lamborghini featuring a hydraulic semi-auto transmission. Even with a premium price tag, Lamborghini aficionados couldn’t resist driving it home.

These are a few top models that can be called a classic vehicle in design, styling, and performance.