Tools Every Driver Should Keep in Their Car

Tools Every Driver Should Keep in Their Car

An emergency can strike at any time, especially at extremely odd hours when help is miles away from you. But, there’s no need to fret if you have some essential tools stored in the trunk. These are life-saving tools that can be used to repair the car and sometimes, to bring it back to the road. Check out the list below and keep these tools handy at all times.

Automotive Multimeter

It is a useful tool that helps with the electrical diagnosis of the car. Typically, multimeters are used for performing different advanced and standard tests on the electrical parts of an automobile. If you have it in your car, you don’t need an expert to check if the parts have failed during a breakdown.

Tire Sealer

Although most cars come with spare tires, sometimes the spare tire may not be inflated to the optimum pressure or it could also fail. In these situations, imagine the struggle if you can’t find a mechanic or garage nearby. To eliminate this issue, you can use a tire inflator or sealer. You can hook it up to the valve stem of the tire. The sticky compound inside this can will find the area of leak and fill it with pressure. This will enable you to drive to the nearest shop.

Tow Strap or Ropes

If your car suffers from a sudden breakdown, you need heavy-duty ropes or tow straps to pull it out of danger. You can tow your vehicle to a safe road or route using these straps. They can be cut to the appropriate size to facilitate easy towing of a vehicle.

Screwdriver and Multiple Socket Set

A flathead screwdriver is one essential tool that should always be available in your car. This tool can prove handy when you need to change a headlight, tighten the windshield wipers or remove a battery. To deal with different components, it is advisable to use multiple sockets that can fit any size.

Jumper Cables

If the battery of your car dies and you get stuck, jumper cables are the best tool to help you out of this situation. They can be used to jump-start the engine of your car. To use this device, you must ensure that both batteries have similar voltage. It is essential to be cautious when using this tool. Also, you should make sure that jumper cables in your car are in excellent condition without any signs of rust on the clips.

A Lifehammer:

Sometimes, car emergencies can go to the extreme. Imagine a situation if you are trapped inside a car that catches fire or becomes submerged in water. In these situations, escape is the only chance of survival. You need a lifehammer that can be used for breaking the windows and letting you out of the car for safe escape. This tool can be fixed with velcro or tape to the driver’s seat where it is easily accessible in emergencies. You can also use it to cut through the seatbelt of the car.

With these essential tools in your car, you are always prepared to handle emergency situations.