What Should You Know About the Honda Civic Type R?

What Should You Know About the Honda Civic Type R?

The 2019 Honda Civic Type R is the best performing version of Honda Civic introduced by the Honda Motor Company of Japan. It eliminates unpleasant torque steer and prioritizes balance with celestial chassis tuning. An almost perfect powertrain, comfortable sport seats, and over-the-top exterior styling make the Honda Civic Type R a track star.

What’s New?

With most of its interiors upgraded and enhanced, the new Honda Civic comes with a powerful touchscreen-based infotainment interface. Honda has introduced physical buttons and a volume knob to make the system more user-friendly.

Climate control is easier with hard buttons to adjust the fan speed. Additionally, the Type R Honda Civic comes with revised switches for the electronic parking brake, streamlines steering wheel control, and larger cup holders. Most importantly, Honda has introduced a new color, Sonic Gray Pearl.

Performance, Engine, and Transmission

The Honda Civic Type R is equipped with 4-cylinder turbocharges delivering 306 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. The engine feels alive with a slight turbo lag and responsive throttle. The test drives show it can accelerate to 60 mph in only 4.9 seconds.

It comes with a six-speed manual transmission and a secure clutch mechanism. The shifters are as synchronized as figure skaters. The center-exit exhaust is not much louder than the exterior styling. It delivers a fantastic drive on long trips.

It is one of the rare cars with a polite road etiquette and amazing trackability. Though it has a stiffer suspension as compared to the sporty Civic Si, the R-rated version is much more comfortable, especially compared to the Ford Focus RS. However, the car isn’t as comfortable on rocky roads, since its 20-inch wheels respond to the road. The Type R has an astonishing emergency braking distance. It can go from 70mph to zero in just 142 feet!

Fuel Economy

The Honda Civic Type R delivers an above average fuel economy and performs well in the real world. It provides better fuel economy than most of its competitors.

Cargo, Infotainment, Interior

The interiors of the Type R is rated R for scenes such as obscenely comfy sports seats and gratuitous red accents. The style isn’t subtle like a normal Civic, but racy aesthetics highlight all the roomy passenger space. It comes with a 7.0-inch digital gauge cluster in red, which gives the interiors a completely distinct appearance.

The physical buttons and volume knob make the touchscreen more user friendly. However, the infotainment still has standard features like Apple CarPlay, integrated navigation, rocking stereo, and Android Auto.

It is a practical companion for traveling that hosts the largest carry-on luggage capacity as compared to its competitors.

Driver Assistance and Safety

Safety is a major concern at the racetrack, but automated emergency braking and adaptive cruise control are of not much use to an everyday driver, and only adds to its weight. The Honda Civic Type R eliminates these features in favor of ultimate performance.

Maintenance Coverage and Warranty

This competitive model comes with a powertrain and limited warranty. However, it doesn’t come with complimentary scheduled maintenance. The limited warranty covers 36,000 miles or 3 years, and the powertrain warranty covers 60,000 miles or 5 years.

This is everything you need to know about the Honda Civic Type R, but make sure to take a look for yourself!