Top Honda Hybrid Models

Top Honda Hybrid Models

During the past 40 years, Honda has garnered a reputation for developing some of the most efficient cars, including hybrids that have redefined the automobile industry. The company launched the first hybrid hatchback in 1999 and very soon after, it transitioned to hybrid powertrains with the launch of the Civic Hybrid in 2002. Over the years, Honda has taken the automobile industry to a new dimension of sustainable technologies for improving their efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint. In this context, the most impressive hybrid vehicles developed by Honda include:

Honda Civic Hybrid

The Civic Hybrid with its hybrid electric powertrain was a trendsetter for the industry. It was the first vehicle that was certified as an advanced technology partial zero-emissions vehicle by CARB or California Air Resources Board. With integrated motor assist technology, it offers an impressive fuel economy for its class of sedans. The electric motor and engine of the Honda Civic emanate a combined power of 93 hp with maximum torque at 116 lb-ft. Additional features include a five-speed manual transmission, electric power steering and low rolling resistance tires.

Honda Accord Hybrid

The Accord Hybrid is rightly called one of the most fuel-efficient cars on American roads. In 2018, Honda launched the Accord Hybrid model as a zero compromise vehicle that comes with unprecedented efficiency, safety and power. With its inline four-cylinder engine and a lithium-ion battery, it also comes fitted with a magnet electric motor that produces 212 hp of power. The intelligent engineering and three-mode driving system of this vehicle enable smooth engine performance, complete cruise control and effective climate control in every drive.

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

If you are looking for a next-generation sustainable vehicle, the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell is the right choice for you. Apart from its higher efficiency, it also ensures faster charging within three to five minutes. It can run up to 366 miles without any dangerous emissions and it offers a smooth drive every time. The aerodynamic lightweight frame amplifies the styling of this vehicle.

Honda Insight

With the launch of the 2019 Honda Insight, the company is looking to usher in a new era of hybrid technology. This high-end vehicle is designed to perform flawlessly with an anticipated EPA rating of 50 mpg or above. Furthermore, the all-new Insight has premium features that include Android Auto™ integration, the Honda Sensing® suite, Driver Assistive Technology, Apple CarPlay™, Honda LaneWatch™ and plush leather seating.

Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid

The Clarity Plug-In is Honda’s newest addition to its hybrid car segment. This vehicle is designed to deliver superior performance along with multiple alternative fuel options. It is a high-end sedan that is rated by the EPA at up to 47 miles which is the highest mark for this segment. Depending on your driving requirements, you can choose between all-electric for daily commutes and a hybrid powertrain for unplanned road trips. There are plenty of great standard features and advanced safety technologies that make this vehicle a must-have for you.

If you are looking to invest in a fuel-efficient and sustainable vehicle, choose any of these cars developed by Honda with a focus on saving the environment.