Where Can I Find Warranty Information for My Honda Vehicle?

Where Can I Find Warranty Information for My Honda Vehicle?

An automobile warranty is basically a promise made by the manufacturer or dealer wherein it will repair or replace defects in the vehicle for a particular time period. Considering the expenses involved in repairs and maintenance, a vehicle warranty is a vital aspect of purchasing any vehicle. 

Where can I find Warranty information for my Honda vehicle?

If you have purchased a Honda vehicle, then you can find warranty information in multiple places. Generally, complete warranty information can be found in the warranty booklet provided along with the vehicle. 

If you don’t have the booklet with you, then you can acquire the information on the Honda Owners Site.  To do the same, you must register and enter your vehicle information; this way, you can access the warranty information for your specific vehicle. You can register your vehicle at owners.honda.com

However, if you are a Honda owner and simply looking for information or don’t wish to register for Honda Owner account, you can obtain basic information on warranty by searching “certified used cars” present on the top-right corner of the website.

Once you have clicked on the “certified used cars”, go to the Warranty tab. Within this section, you will get detailed warranty information on new cars as well as used cars. 

Basic Warranty Information about Honda Vehicle 

Following are some important pointers that you will help you learn about the Honda vehicle warranty – 

  • Three years or 36,000 miles new vehicle warranty 

  •  Five years or 60,000 miles powertrain warranty 

  • Accessory limited warranty – Honda Genuine Accessories are covered for the time period of 3 years or distance of 36,000 miles in case of new vehicle 

  • Replacement Parts Limited Warranty – Honda Genuine Parts are covered for the time period of 1 year. It includes replacement of parts purchased and installed by the Honda dealer. 

  • Corrosion Limited Warranty – 5 years/unlimited miles 

  • 24-hour roadside assistance service is provided to Honda customers in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico for three years/ 36,000 miles under limited-term warranty. 

Vehicle Warranty vs Vehicle Insurance 

Choosing the right vehicle warranty can help you save a significant amount of money. Vehicle warranty and car insurance are the two concepts that often leave people confused. When customers deal with issues like repairs or manufacturing defects, it is covered under the vehicle warranty.

It assists customers to fix the problem without any additional costs. Vehicle warranties might be provided for a particular timer period of miles, and may only cover specific vehicle parts.

Regular car insurance, on the other hand, helps in claiming financial support in case of accident, theft, fire, collision, etc. Along with fixing the car but provides additional financial support to the person who has been affected by the incident. 

Vehicle warranty and vehicle insurance are two different phenomena used in different scenarios and hold individual prominences. They both protect you from financial loss in case something happens to the vehicle. It is recommended to have both vehicle warranty and insurance to get maximum protection.