How Does the Honda CabinTalk™ Feature Work?

How Does the Honda CabinTalk™ Feature Work?

Being one of the best family haulers on the market, the Honda Odyssey offers a unique CabinTalk™ feature that ensures complete safety in every drive. This feature works with advanced technology and an easy interface. It is an in-car PA system that helps the front seat passengers interact with the back seat passengers and keep an eye on them. It uses Honda wired and wireless headphones to facilitate this communication. You can also find rear speakers in some variants of the Odyssey.

Trim Levels Available with the CabinTalk™ Feature

Presently, this advanced feature is available on select trim levels of the Honda Odyssey. This smart minivan is integrated with both the CabinTalk™ and CabinWatch™ features. They are designed to ensure maximum safety for families traveling together with kids and/or pets. With these features, the person in the driving seat can easily monitor the activities of rear seat passengers. The CabinTalk™ feature is standard on the Elite and Touring trim versions. It comes as an optional feature on the EX-L trim level.

Understanding the Honda CabinTalk™ Feature

When you want to ensure complete safety and comfort of kids and elderly people traveling with you, this is a feature you can rely on. It helps you keep an eye on their safety and maintain communication throughout the journey. It works through a microphone fitted in vehicles that come with the PA system. In cases when kids or passengers have their entertainment headphones turned on, it will override headphone sounds to communicate with them.

When talking to the rear seat passengers, you need to catch their attention. This is where CabinTalk™ comes to the forefront. It stops the videos and mutes the audio being played on the entertainment screens on the rear side. You can pause the videos running on Blu-ray technology and live streaming apps by using this feature. However, it cannot pause or stop the videos that run via external devices like flash drives or HDMI.

For activation of the CabinTalk™ feature, you need to tap on its icon shown on the home screen of your infotainment system. This will display the CabinTalk™ dashboard from where you can activate this feature. It can run simultaneously with the CabinWatch™ feature. To deactivate this feature, you just simply tap on the home screen button.

Using CabinTalk™ and CabinWatch™ Together

With the introduction of these features, Honda has revolutionized the security mechanism in modern cars. You can activate them together for complete monitoring of the rear seat passengers. Both of them are visible on the same screen with their unique identifiable icons.

You can simply scroll on the home screen to touch the right icons and activate these features. They will appear on the touchscreen instantly. While CabinTalk™ is intended to communicate with passengers in the rear seats, CabinWatch™ helps watch them clearly in front of you.

These features will make every road trip more comfortable and safe for your entire family. You should check them out at your nearest Honda dealership to learn more about them.