How to Clean Pollen Off Your Car

How to Clean Pollen Off Your Car

With spring around the corner, it is a great time to see nature flourishing all around. Along with blooming beauty comes trouble for anyone with allergies. Not only does pollen affect humans, but it can also harm your vehicle. Your car might not be allergic to pollen, but it can get heavily impacted by it.

How Bad Can Pollen Possibly Be?

If we place a pollen particle under a microscope, we would be able to see the microscopic hooks. If you try to wipe off pollen with a dry cloth, these microscopic hooks can scratch your car. Pollen can also chemically react with car paint to discolor your nice paint job.

Important Steps to Protect Your Car from Pollen

A non-abrasive cloth can still have a risk of scratching your car, but you can purchase a special cloth that’s meant to clean off pollen. Be careful if you wash your car with soap and water. Pollen is acidic, and could react with your soap to damage your vehicle.

Here are some steps to protect your car during the wash:

1 – Use warm water and soaps meant to target pollen.

2 – After washing and drying, apply wax to add an extra layer of protection against pollen.

3 – Park your car in a garage to protect it from outdoor pollen. It’s hard to find areas that aren’t covered in pollen, but a covered car garage can do the trick.

4 – If you’re unable to find a covered space to park your car, you can purchase a car cover to wrap your vehicle and keep it safe from pollen while parked outdoors.

5 – Don’t park under trees. Dawn and dusk are the worst times to park near trees, because the change in temperature in wind will shake pollen onto your vehicle. In the summer, it’s good to park under a tree for shade, but it doesn’t give you any benefits in the spring.

Protect Your Interiors from Pollen

The inside of your car needs just as much protection as the outside, because that’s where you’re sitting whenever you drive the car. If you are allergic to pollen, follow these steps:

1 – Check your air filter and change it at least once a year. The cabin air filter is responsible for catching pollen in your driving space.

2 – Avoid rolling down the windows in the spring.

3 – Use your air conditioner’s recirculation option. This tells your air conditioner to draw in less air from outside.

These tips should help you keep pollen off and out of your car.