Get the Best Out of CPO Vehicles

Get the Best Out of CPO Vehicles

It is general knowledge that the word ‘certified’ means that a professional authority has cleared the element in question as qualified to go ahead. When you put the word before used cars, it means that these vehicles are conferred with acceptable standards according to the concerned authority in the automobile industry.

Certified Pre-Owned vehicles or CPOs are just that. Manufacturers themselves have inspected and cleared these cars to be up to the parameters required by industry standards to become certifiable. These trusted automakers vouch for the safety of the vehicle and buyer.


Many times, if you had already ever owned a car from a certain brand and you are thinking of buying a CPO certified by the same brand, you can just go by the program the manufacturer has to offer.

The only things you need to be doubly sure of are if the plan fulfills your needs, can it be customized, can you add/remove any coverage, what are the added benefits apart from the usual cover and are there any hidden costs that you are not aware of. Other than these, you can enter the agreement with your eyes closed, as opting for a manufacturer backed plan is the best possible CPO program you can get.

Be Aware

Purchasing a CPO or not, you need to be aware of the differences and/or similarities among different kinds of warranties available and what sorts of coverage is extended in each type. If you get suspicious about the program, you can always question it to be thorough in your understanding.

But when the plan is backed by a dealer and speaks of an extended warranty, it could be a third-party coverage that is extended until the threshold limit of the remaining number of miles or years. In such a case, you are advised to seek professional advice on your terms.

Points to Consider:

  • Inspection Inventory: Most programs provide a comprehensive list of the items that were put through the inspection. Compare different plans to find the suitable one for you.

  • Deductibles: Some plans don’t charge a deductible for warranty repairs.

  • Reimbursements: Expenses during travel, repair charges at non-specific service centers, food and lodging expenses are sometimes reimbursed.

  • Interest on Finance: Though many finance options are available, choose one with a lower rate of interest.

  • Additional Incentives: Free subscriptions of features, anti-theft security systems, etc. are being offered by some brands.

  • Selling Option: In case you are leasing the CPO, when you are done with the lease period, some programs offer to buy back the vehicle and you can trade it in for a newer model. This makes the whole process smoother for you.

  • Transferable Warranty: The new owner of the CPO is benefited with the original warranty you get at the time of the CPO purchase, at no additional cost or extra paperwork.

Now you know the ways to get the best of your CPO purchase and enjoy your like-new vehicle at an affordable price. Be confident of the purchase as the vehicle has been through a meticulous inspection procedure by a trusted authority.