Why Vehicle Maintenance is Important

Why Vehicle Maintenance is Important

As a vehicle owner, you need to understand the importance of vehicle maintenance to keep your car roadworthy. If you ignore regular maintenance, your car is more likely to have serious problems and you might find yourself stranded on a highway due to a car breakdown. Here is a primary reason that shows the importance of regular car maintenance.

Reduce the Risk of a Failing Vehicle

As mentioned earlier, ignoring maintenance is like welcoming problems in the future. Without regular maintenance, the chances of engine failure increase considerably. Some mechanical failures will not only cause your vehicle to breakdown, but they are quite expensive to fix as well. Some of the expensive repairs that can happen due to neglect are:

  • Cylinder Failure: All car engines have cylinders which are a central part of the engine. Cylinders fail due to overheating from low coolant levels in the radiator. Similarly, leaking hoses and stretched belts also cause overheating of the cylinder. Regular maintenance covers inspection and replacement of these components that prevent overheating of your cylinders. The cost to fix a cylinder can run hundreds of dollars and a replacement can be more expensive due to increased labor costs.

  • Transmission Problems: The power transmission is an important component of your vehicle. Without regular maintenance, the chances of developing serious problems increase resulting in your vehicle not starting at all. In such cases, replacing or rebuilding the power transmission system is the only option and might set you back by $2,000 or more.

  • Camshaft Problems: Failure to change your engine oil can lead to camshaft problems and in some cases, you will need a camshaft replacement that will cost you $800 or more.

These are only some of the problems that can happen in the absence of regular maintenance. You can avoid most of these problems by taking your car to the garage every month for a detailed checkup and make necessary repairs. Here are some important checkups that should be a part of your regular maintenance:

  • Periodical Fluid Checks: As a part of regular maintenance, you need to check the fluid levels of the engine oil, brake fluid, radiator coolant and power transmission fluids. You need to maintain recommended levels of all fluids as ignoring this could cause your engine to overheat and lead to serious problems.

  • Check Tire Pressure: You need to maintain the recommended air pressure in your tires at all times. Low air pressure will increase the wear and tear of tires and you will be required to replace your tires more frequently. You need to also check the depth of the treads as they play an important role in the grip of tires on the road.

  • Check Air Filters: A dirty air filter increases fuel consumption and also reduces the engine life. It is very easy to clean the air filter. Simply remove the filter and blow off the dirt from the air filter using an air hose.

For some vehicle owners, regular vehicle maintenance might seem like a chore but it can reduce your repair expenses and keep your car in good condition.