Minivan vs. SUV: Which One Should You Buy?

Minivan vs. SUV: Which One Should You Buy?

When you’re thinking of getting a new vehicle for yourself, there are several questions that pop up. Is it good enough to fit the entire family? Can it carry all the heavy load? Will it give better gas mileage? In this case, if you’re thinking about getting a capable vehicle or a larger one, two great options to choose from are minivans and SUVs. If you’re confused as to which one might suit you better, here are a few pointers that may help you come to a conclusion.

Ground Clearance

If you’re looking for a more family-oriented car with children in mind, a minivan provides easier in and out movement with low ground clearance. This can also be beneficial if you have goods or items that you may want to bring with you. When it comes to SUVs, the ground clearance is higher which means that SUVs are mostly all-weather, all-terrain vehicles that will give you a great ride no matter what difficult roads you wish to tread.

Overall Space

In case you are in a profession that involves a lot of transferring goods or requires more space, minivans can come in handy since the foldable chairs and sliding doors can make a huge difference. Compared to SUVs, the storage capacity with the flat-folding seats and the overall space feature is a lot more efficient when it comes to minivans, which are equipped with an additional third-row seating, in case a few more people are to travel.

Maintenance Affordability

Minivans deliver better gas mileage compared to SUVs and can work better when it comes to urban settings since their maintenance is comparatively a bit lower than an average SUV. If you’re more into the look and feel of an SUV and consider aesthetics as a huge quotient, minivans may seem a little odd for your taste. Furthermore, with the SUV’s four-wheel drive, it’s easier to maneuver around difficult terrains.


Since SUVs are preferred a bit more by families and drivers, there are loads of options available in the market compared to minivans. Ranging from hybrid and diesel to gasoline, SUVs come in several options big or small. You can easily get your hands on an SUV that suits all your specifics and make the most out of your traveling experience.


In the end, it is entirely up to you as to what your budget or preference is. The image of a minivan may not be as elegant and stylish as an SUV, but it is a great investment in terms of its practicality. In this case, it entirely depends on your needs and preferences. SUVs come in several ranges but are a little pricey as compared to minivans. All you need to do is write down your essential pointers and then take the leap.

These are a few comparisons that may help you put a finger on which vehicle will suit your liking and be the most useful for your lifestyle.