Top 5 Fall Activities for the Family

Top 5 Fall Activities for the Family

We recommend going old school this fall with activities you can enjoy with your family. Simply steer clear of computers and electronic devices for a bit of old-school fall fun and family bonding. 

Whether your kids are toddlers, teenagers or adults who happen to be visiting you this holiday season, these fall activities are best suited for any family!

1. Go Old School with a Picnic in the Woods

Take the time for a picnic in the woods. It is a splendid way to have a delightful afternoon with your spouse while the kids rough house in the clearing near you. Delicious treats like chocolate chip cookies, muffins or a quiche and orange juice can be taken along for a picnic in the woods. In fact, you can even have some fun at the supermarket or department store near you by letting your little ones pick out picnic treats on a shoestring budget!

Ideal for little ones over the age of five, this lets them use basic mathematics and costing as they scurry around the store grabbing everything they’d like under a time limit you impose! As the adults, your only task is to refuel your family car and conduct a swift check of the engine, tires and oil and make sure that your drive to the woods will go off without a hitch.

2. Rake up Backyard Leaves and Roughhouse

Raking up fallen leaves can be a tedious job. Throw in some family fun by letting the kids help you. They can roughhouse in the yard while you click some charming pictures of them enjoying autumn at its best.

3. Enjoy a Local College Football Game

If you prefer a laid back fall activity, a spectator sport like football can be idyllic. Take your spouse and kids to watch a college football game. The performances by the college band and acrobatics by the cheerleading squad are always fun to watch, too! Grabbing a hotdog or fries and soda for a scrumptious makes every game better.

4. Plant Seedlings with your Toddlers

Getting your hands dirty with an afternoon of gardening can be a good thing. Plus that you can watch them enjoy the fruits of their labor when the saplings grow into bushes and flowers come springtime! 

5. Have Some Fun in the Autumn Sun with a Backyard Game

No matter the age of your kids, very few activities trump the fun you can have when playing a backyard sport with them. Since it is fall, football is ideal. However, you may even toss a ball around with your kids or play basketball in your playground or at a community park. 

Nothing is better than spending a glorious hour sweating it out with an energetic sport before you head home for a delicious fall-themed dinner!