Used Car FAQs

Used Car FAQs

If you are thinking of investing in a used car, there is likely to be a lot of questions in your mind. And in this section, we are answering some of the most frequently asked questions associated with used cars. 

Where should you buy used cars from?

It is wiser to buy used cars from a reliable dealership as it offers quality and reliable services. Typically, dealership's marketing relies hugely on word of mouth phenomenon, so they attempt to offer exceptional customer services. Along with offering quality products, you will receive assistive services that will make your purchase more worthwhile. While buying used cars from dealerships proves to be more expensive than buying from private sellers, you acquire higher reliability and security on the purchase. 

How to choose the right dealership to buy used cars?

Instead of falling for high-sales and marketing pitches, choose a dealership that caters to your requirements. You can leverage the internet to research a dealer wisely. Check out authentic discussion forums and look at unresolved and unanswered complaints. These reflect how serious a dealership is about its customer services. 

When you personally get in touch with a dealership, the way they cater to your needs will help you determine whether they are a reliable source of purchase. Make sure you compare different dealerships in your localities to identify the best source. 

Why choose used cars? 

If you want to buy a car, but financial restrictions are holding you back, then buying a used car can serve the purpose. Along with paying less on the purchase of the car, you will also be paying lower registration and insurance costs as opposed to new cars. Moreover, cars get their highest depreciation in the initial purchase years. With that out of the way, used cars experience lower depreciation, thereby allowing you to resell the car with minimum loss. 

What are certified pre-owned cars?

A certified pre-owned car is a used car that comes with factory approval. These cars are offered by dealerships affiliated by the manufacturer. Certified pre-owned cars undergo an extensive repair and maintenance process before they are put on sales. Additionally, these cars come with factory approval stamps, warranty, roadside assistance and many other services. 

What is a used car warranty?

As the name suggests, used car warranty allows you to repair and maintain certain aspects of your car within a particular time period. Buying a used car that comes with a warranty is important as you can save a lot of money on the upkeep of the car. 

You should first look at whether the manufacturer's warranty is still active and transferable. If so, you can contact the dealer or manufacturer to avail the benefits. You can find the information associated with a warranty on the "Buyer's Guide."

What are the financing options for used cars?

You can either get finance from the dealership or from any financial lender. The rates vary based on the dealership as well as financial institutions. Your credit score is also an important factor that determines the rates you will acquire.

Over the years, the market for used cars has witnessed exponential growth. People have understood the benefits associated with used cars and are looking for reliable options. Being mindful with regards to choosing a dealership is a primary step that will ensure you make a durable investment.