When and How to Rotate Tires

When and How to Rotate Tires

Taking care of your vehicle is not only limited to keeping the car looking good and fixing up all the part-based anomalies along with regular servicing. The vehicle’s tires do a lot of work and that’s why they need some attention too. In order to ensure that your tires last longer and work better, all you need to do is rotate your tires every once in a while.

Tire rotation is a process that takes just around 20 minutes. The reason why this process is crucial is because it ensures that all tires wear out evenly, given the fact that all four tires are not used in the same way. It is obvious that the front two tires and the sides which are turned more often are the ones where the most amount of wearing happens. If rotation isn’t done regularly, this can lead to overly worn tires giving up completely, leaving you with no option but to spend money on new ones.

When Should You Rotate Tires

Since it is already established as to how important tire rotation is for the overall well-being of the car, as well as your own safety whilst traveling in it, it is important to know when you need to rotate your vehicle’s tires.

The easiest way to keep tabs on when to rotate your tires next is after every 5,000 to 6,000 miles that you travel or once every six months. It’s as easy as that. If you live in a place that has a lot of snowfall, it is a better option to get the tire rotation completed once with every season that comes about, ensuring that your car has a firmer grip on the road no matter how slippery.

Doing It Yourself

Tire rotation is not as daunting as it sounds. Instead of having your tires rotated by a professional service and spending a lot of cash on it, you can easily take up the task all by yourself. All that it takes to rotate tires successfully is 20 minutes of your time and a full-proof rotation pattern that will get the process going without a glitch.

The first and most important thing you need to do while planning to rotate tires is choosing one particular rotation pattern out of the several that are out there. Make sure that you think of one particular pattern to follow so that you can work on the follow-ups later.

Once your pattern is fixed and memorized, make sure that your car is in a locked and stationary position, rendering it motionless so that no unfortunate incident takes place while you’re working. Keep your parking brakes in position and all you need next is one car jack and two jack stands to your perusal.

To get started, loosen all the lugs on all four tires to make it easier when you actually begin after the jacks have been set up. Once you set the stands up at the desired positions, remove all the lugs fully and perform the change-ups according to your plan.

In the end, make sure that all the lugs are tightened and in place, and if needed, mark some tires so that you remember their original locations for the next time.

This is how you can get your tire rotation done successfully.