Will Installing Aftermarket Parts Void My Honda Warranty?

Will Installing Aftermarket Parts Void My Honda Warranty?

Being a legal document, a warranty binds both the buyer and car manufacturer into some obligations. With this contract, the manufacturer assures specifically applicable repairs to the car if the buyer maintains it per the user manual provided by the company. Despite knowing the terms of the warranty, sometimes you may erroneously impede your warranty by committing unexpected mistakes. Replacing genuine parts with aftermarket spares can be one of them. Although it does not always void the warranty, it is important to know the conditions when aftermarket parts make your warranty ineffective.

Conditions Covered by the Honda Limited Warranty

Whenever you buy a new Honda vehicle, it comes with a Limited Warranty offered by the manufacturer. It involves 36,000 miles or three years of Limited Warranty coverage on every latest model. Honda offers an additional Powertrain Limited Warranty for 60,000 miles or five years.

The Limited Warranty from the company also includes a Limited Accessory Warranty applicable up to three years or 36,000 miles. It applies to accessories that were preinstalled in the car at the time of purchase. Honda Genuine Parts come with a Replacement Parts Limited Warranty valid for one year. This coverage includes every replacement spare part used by a certified Honda dealership. It covers the cost of parts purchased from the dealership and labor expenses incurred on it.

Remanufactured Genuine Parts are offered with a warranty valid up to 36,000 miles or three years. Apart from these, the Limited Warranty offered by Honda for 36,000 miles or three years also includes roadside assistance during emergencies. The assistance is offered 24/7 to include services like towing, flat tire assistance, jumpstarting and lockout.

Mistakes That Can Void Your Honda Warranty

As mentioned above, there are some common errors that can void your Honda warranty completely. They include:

  • When a vehicle is damaged in a severe accident due to which it is given a salvage title, the warranty gets voided.

  • If you misuse the car by speeding, overloading or off-road driving, the warranty stands canceled.

  • The warranty is not honored by the company if a car is damaged in a natural disaster.

  • If the odometer of the car is tampered with, damaged or altered it also voids the warranty.

The Impact of Aftermarket Parts on the Honda Limited Warranty

Aftermarket parts exist in the gray areas of the Honda Limited Warranty coverage. There are some dealers who may tell you that installation of these parts completely voids your warranty. However, you must know the exact conditions that make a warranty completely void. This will happen if this replacement causes a severe issue or repair later on. However, the dealership has to prove that the issue was caused due to modification or aftermarket parts.

If these parts are improperly installed or become a cause of component failure, the dealer has the full rights to void the warranty and ask you to bear the complete cost of repairs. A defective component also has a similar effect on your warranty.

It can be concluded that the installation of aftermarket parts does not void your warranty but you must understand the conditions that can cause this situation.