Tips for Cleaning Car Windows Without Streaks

Tips for Cleaning Car Windows Without Streaks

There are many reasons that your car's windshield and windows get smudged with dirt. If you are struggling to see the road ahead from your windshield or unable to see clearly out of the windows, the time has come to clean the windows. Here we have shared tips for cleaning windows without streaks.

What Causes Streaks on Windows?

One of the primary reasons for streaks on windows is the cleaning solution itself. When you clean the windows and windshield under the sun, the cleaning solution dries up faster leaving a residue behind if you don’t clean it before it dries up.

Before Cleaning the Windows

If you are cleaning the windows and windshield during the daytime, make sure the car is parked in the garage or a shade. This will provide you enough time to clean the windows without worrying about the cleaning solution drying up fast. This is also the first step in preventing streaks on windows during cleaning.

Gather Cleaning Supplies

You don't need many things to clean windows and windshields. Make sure you have the following things before you start the cleaning process.

  • A few soft lint-free microfiber rags

  • Ammonia-free glass cleaner 

  • Vinegar

  • Rubbing Alcohol

  • Empty spray bottle

How to Prepare Cleaning Solution 

  • Mix 50% alcohol + 50% water + a capful of white vinegar

  • Alternatively, you can mix 70% water + 15% alcohol + 15% window cleaner

Note: Don’t use ammonia-based glass cleaners as they can cause windows tinting.

Fill the cleaning solution in the spray bottle and gather other cleaning supplies mentioned in the list and hop inside the cabin. To clean the windshield properly, sit in the front passenger seat as it provides better access to the windshield while cleaning.

Right Method of Cleaning 

  • You need to wipe the windows and windshield with a dry microfiber rag to remove dirt particles. Wipe the windows and windshield with a rag from top to bottom

  • Take another microfiber rag and spray some rubbing alcohol on the rag. Wipe the windows and windshield from top to bottom. The alcohol will clear any wax or oil residue from the windows that are not effectively removed by other cleaners.

  • Take a new rag or turn the rag over and spray some cleaning solution on the rag. Wipe the windows with the wet rag. Move the rag in a circular motion while cleaning the windows and windshield.  

  • As soon as the rag gets dirty, take a clean one, spray the cleaning solution in it and continue with the cleaning process.

  • While finishing the windows cleaning process, move the rag in an up and down direction. 

Tips for Better Cleaning 

First, clean the exterior and interior of the car and clean the windows and windshield last. This will ensure the dirt from other surfaces does not get lodged on windows and windshields.

You need to keep the car's windows and windshield clean at all times. This not only improves visual aesthetics but it also ensures you will have a clear vision of what lies ahead on the road.