Winter Maintenance Tips

Winter Maintenance Tips

Winter is the harshest climate for your car. If you want to avoid unexpected breakdowns, you need to pay attention to winter maintenance. We have provided some cool winter maintenance tips that will prepare your car for the cold weather.


Your battery performs well in warm weather and the cold weather is tough for it. A weak battery in summer might not survive the winter and you will find yourself with a dead battery. Hence, you need to check the battery condition and check if it retains a charge well. Check for any signs of corrosion or loose joints and get the battery fully charged.

Winter Tires

All-season tires are okay for warm weather but not suitable for cold weather. According to tire experts, the tread rubber of all-season tires hardens at colder temperatures. The result is that the tire just rolls over the surface and does not provide any traction. This could lead to accidents as the roads are wet and slippery in winter. It is best to swap the all-season tires with winter tires.

Tire Pressure

As the temperature drops, the air pressure in your tires also reduces. According to tire experts, with every 10° drop in temperature, the air pressure in tires fall by 1 to 2 pounds. You should avoid driving the car on underinflated tires as it increases rolling resistance that causes the tread rubber to wear faster. Car manufacturers ask car owners to keep the air pressure higher by 2 to 3 psi than recommended in the winter season.


The importance of the heater in your car increases with the arrival of winter. You need the heater in working condition to keep the cabin warm and comfortable. Get the heating system checked from a professional. Make sure the radiator has enough coolant and the hoses and pipes leading to the engine and radiator are in good condition.

Wiper Blades

During the winter season, the windshield gets covered with ice and other debris. You need to ensure the wiper blades are in good condition and working as intended. For example, the wiper blades should clear the windshield properly. If the wiper blades are missing large expanses of the windshield, you need to replace them.

Engine Oil

Engine oil plays an important role in protecting your engine from overheating that is caused by the friction of moving parts. Besides maintaining the recommended level of engine oil, you need to ensure the oil has the right viscosity. Engine oil that is too thin will not protect the engine while oil that is too thick will put more stress on the filter and starter. Check the car owner’s manual to find the right engine oil for winter.


During the winter, the sun doesn't shine as bright and the days are shorter. You will need the lights on more often when driving during the winter. Make sure the headlights, tail lamps and fog lights are working properly and having good illumination.

Winter car maintenance is necessary to keep your car roadworthy. If you ignore winter maintenance, you are more likely to experience unexpected emergency repairs that will be an inconvenience to you.